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Article: Black Friday Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for Every Budget and Recipient

Black Friday Sale Gift Guide

Black Friday Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for Every Budget and Recipient

This Black Friday, we've got your gifting needs covered, no matter your budget or who you're shopping for... With our ultimate Black Friday Gift Guide!

At CG OF LONDON, we are all about reaching your money goals and kicking the money overwhelm. So, we have budget-friendly gift items that will also inspire the recipients on their own financial journey!

Including our signature best-selling card holders, down to trendy slogan caps - You’re sure to find the perfect gift. 

Plus, with our amazing Black Friday Deals, you can spread holiday cheer without stressing about your wallet. Let's dive in!

Gift Price Ranges: £20-£40, £10-£20, Under £10

Gifts £20 - £40:

Statement Caps - Black Friday Sale £20.79 (Originally £25.99)








Ideal gift for: Him, Her, Friends, Secret Santa

These caps feature empowering financial statements that make them ideal gifts for your significant other, friends, or even a Secret Santa exchange. With impactful statements elegantly embroidered on the front, they not only make a bold fashion statement but also serve as daily reminders to inspire great financial habits.


Cosy statement jumpers - Black Friday Sale £36.80 (Originally £45.99)


Ideal gift for: Friends, Secret Santa

Your friends are sure to love these cosy jumpers adorned with empowering financial statements. Select the statement that resonates with them the most and present a thoughtful gift that also serves as a source of encouragement.

These jumpers make for fantastic Secret Santa presents too, adding an element of surprise and intrigue as your friends wonder who selected such a personalised gift for them. Plus, they're perfect for staying warm as the temperatures drop!

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Gifts £10 - £20:

Ejector Card Holder - Black Friday Sale Price - £10.39 (Originally £19.99)

Ejector card holder

Ideal gift for: All

The unique ejector feature and modern design make this card holder an unforgettable and functional gift that everyone will love. It especially makes a fantastic present for those who work in professional settings - With its sleek, classy and professional design, it’s set to be a festive favourite! And with contactless card protection, as always!

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Mugs with Personal Finance Statements - Black Friday Sale Price £15.99 (Originally £19.99)

 Ideal gift for: Co-workers, Friends, Secret Santa

These mugs make a unique gift with empowering financial statements. Start the day right with a dose of inspiration from these finance statement mugs. They're a thoughtful gift for friends and unique enough for secret santa. They can also brighten up your Co-workers desks and become their favourite mug for that well needed tea break…

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Leather wallet set - Black Friday Sale £15.98 (Originally £19.97)

Blue leather wallet set

Ideal gift for: Dad, Him

This leather wallet set makes an exceptional gift choice for both Dad and Him. Featuring a bi-fold wallet and a minimalist pull-tab wallet, it offers versatility for selecting the perfect card holder to suit their daily needs. It's a timeless and practical gift that they are sure to cherish. Both wallets have contactless card protection.

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Gifts Under £10:

Green Pull Tab Wallet - Black Friday Sale Price £7.98 (Originally £9.97)

Pull Tabe Wallet

Ideal gift for: Him, Dad, Co-workers, Secret Santa

This men's wallet makes a great gift for dads and the man in your life - It's both trendy and useful. Stylish, unique and also made of premium leather, this price is an absolute steal. Armed with contactless card protection, it also stops hackers from accessing their card details. 

It also makes a great Secret Santa or Co-worker gift for budgets under a tenner and looks like you spent way more, so it will go down a treat when they open up this package!

Metal Card Holder - Black Friday Sale Price - £9.58 (Originally £19.99)

Metal card holder

Ideal gift for: All

This sleek card holder combines practicality and style, making it an excellent choice for any gift recipient on your list. As a Secret Santa and Co-Worker gift, it's thoughtful without breaking the bank.

It also makes a great gift for parents, partners and friends. This card holder is one of our best sellers, which has been gifted all around the world with glowing reviews! As with all our card holders, it comes with contactless card protection.

Pink Coin Purse - Black Friday Sale Price - £7.98 (Originally £9.97)

Pink purse

Ideal gift for: Mum, Her, Gal-pals

With its elegant pink leather and compact size, this coin purse is perfect for Mum, Her or your Gal-Pals. It's a stylish addition to any woman's handbag, coming fully armed with our signature contactless card protection. It also comes in a cute dust bag and slide out gift box, making it the perfect premium gift, at an unbeatable price.

Classic Black Card Holder - Black Friday Sale Price £7.98 (Originally £9.97)

Black leather wallet


Ideal gift for: Dad, Him

Dads will undoubtedly value the timeless design and functionality of this classic card holder. It's also an ideal gift for Him, seamlessly blending style and practicality. Crafted from premium leather and presented in a stunning dust bag and pull-tab gift box, unwrapping this gift is truly an experience worth savouring! Fully armed with contactless card protection/

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Black Friday is the perfect time to find gifts that show your appreciation to loved ones and colleagues without straining your wallet. Our gift guide ensures that you find unique and fitting presents for every special person in your life. Start your holiday shopping today and make this season unforgettable!

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