How to pick the right contactless card protection card holder

Personal finances can be stressful enough, without having to worry about your contactless cards being hacked.

And it's safe to say, we all want to feel good about our finances and confident that we are doing everything we can to not put them at risk. 

Financial stress from your cards being compromised can bring on a whole host of other issues... But is contactless card fraud really something we need to worry about?

Unfortunately, yes. 

In 2020, there were around 467,000 cases of contactless card fraud in the UK and with contactless card limits recently increasing to £100 per transaction, this may pose even more risk to contactless users. 

Nobody wants the shock of seeing unidentified transactions on their bank statements and spending weeks trying to prove they were not made by you in order to get a reimbursement. 

The good news is, that you can easily avoid this type of hassle by opting for a contactless card protection card holder. 


So, you've decided it's time to switch to a c card protection wallet (Also known as an RFID Blocking wallet.) How do you know which one to pick?

Here are a few things to consider:

1. How many contactless cards do you have?

If you are somebody who likes to carry around multiple debit cards and maybe a credit card or two, you may need something that holds around 6. Most people tend to carry 4 cards on average, but if you need something a little extra, you could over-estimate. 

In which case, these card holders would be great for you:

Card Genie signature metal card holder - 6 cards and notes

Card Genie Pop-Up Card Holder - 6 cards

Card Genie Luxe Olive Pull-Tab Wallet - 7 cards and notes

Card Genie expandable minimalist card holder - 10 cards 


2. Do you prefer traditional style wallets or modern minimalist card holders?

Luckily, card holders that protect your contactless cards from unauthorised scanning come in all different shapes and sizes. And you can't visually tell the difference between a card holder that has contactless protection and one that doesn't. 

So, if you prefer something more traditional, you could opt for a bi-fold wallet. Or if you are going for something more modern, you could go for a stylish metal card holder that stands out. 


3. Do you still carry some notes and coins too? 

Just because you use contactless cards, doesn't mean you won't carry notes or cash at times. If that is you, you may want to ensure the card holder you go for can hold a few odd notes and if you want to carry some change too, make sure you take that into consideration. 

If you carry the odd note, we have a few wallets that can accommodate: 

Card Genie Luxe Olive Pull-Tab card holder

Card Genie Luxe Panther card holder

Card Genie expandable minimalist card holder  

Card Genie Bi-Fold wallet set

Card Genie signature metal card holder 

And if you need space for some coins too, our Luxe Flamingo zip purse is for you!

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