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3 Ways A Modern Minimalist Card Holder Can Make Your Life Even Better

With our society quickly becoming cashless, these make the perfect practical, yet snazzy minimalist wallet gift this Christmas! (These won’t get thrown in the bottom drawer and forgotten about!)

By gifting a Card Genie, you’ll be gifting MORE than a card holder to your loved ones. Read on to find out how!


No#1: Stay invisible to pickpockets

When we think of pickpockets, we tend to get an image of old London cobble streets with savvy pickpocketers sifting in and out of markets stealing sheckles from unsuspecting members of the public.

But the truth is that the problem still exists today. And most of us walking around with bulky wallets and purses are just putting a radar on our butts saying “Here! Here!”.

Gifting a card genie wallet like the luxe.panther to a loved one means you help keep them out the glaring eye of pick-pockets… And they will sure as well thank you for that!

This is perfect for your loved ones who are always out and about, venturing abroad, or that person you can’t help always worrying about.


No#2: Less opportunity to accumulate junk and live free

Let’s be honest.. More often than not, the more opportunity we have to accumulate things... The more likely we are to do so.

How many times have you looked in your wallet and found wads of receipts for things you purchased months ago? I mean, when were you ever going to return the that £2.99 sandwich you had for lunch last year? That’s what tends to happen when we have more space than we need. We start to accumulate old and unnecessary things that ultimately hold us back and eventually restrict our freedom in ways we don’t even realise.

These things all take up mental and physical space which prevents you from living freely and can be avoided. Our ejector wallet is perfect for avoiding this.. all the room for essentials and none for the junk that’ll hold you back.

Who is THAT person you know that could do with dropping the mental and physical clutter? Gift them a Card Genie and watch their face light up this Christmas!


No#3: Get smart and don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Some of us have become so used to carrying everything around with us, that we don’t even think twice about the implications of doing so. Driving license, other important IDs, 2-3 credit cards, 2-3 debit cards, other important papers with secure information on it.

God forbid you nearly miss your train stop one day, hastily rush off the train and think sh*t as your wallet remains on the train. Yes, you can replace all your cards eventually, but what an unnecessary hassle and risk to your bank account.

Going minimalist with Card Genie will not only encourage you to carry only what’s essential, but it will also potentially save you tons of hassle should the worst happen. This is particularly true when on holidays.

This is the absolute perfect gift for the person you know that’s always misplacing their keys, wallet and phone! (We all know at least one!)

That’s what our metal cardholders are most popular for and our fans love us for!


Since Card Genie began, thousands have fallen in love with our cardholders and have gifted them to super appreciative recipients. To date, customers have given us thousands of five-star reviews!

Click below to shop our cardholders now (and read some of these 5-star reviews!). Or read on to find out more about Card Genie and our Minimalist cardholders.

The whole idea behind Card Genie is that less is more and the path to living life freely and smartly. We shouldn’t have to have multiple things in our everyday carry that get in the way of us living life. You should be able to simplify your life and not compromise on functionality.

Card Genie Metal Card Holder

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Card Genie Olive Leather Card Holder

Introducing our new leather card holder for a more luxury feel, holds up to 6 cards with room for some notes all whilst still remaining slim! RFID Tech so no need to worry about fraudsters . Try this today!

At Card Genie, we say "Minimalist is the way to go with our everyday carry." Our products are minimalist in design, modern, stylish, very practical and functional that can replace your bulky wallet and purse so you can Journey Smartly & Freely!