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About us


In the heart of London in 2015, amidst the city's dynamic pulse, the founders of CG OF LONDON embarked on a journey to level up their performance and streamline their path to success. Inspired by the ambitious spirit of their families who came to London decades ago in pursuit of success, they recognised the significance of small essentials in achieving big dreams. This realisation ignited their vision to create CG OF LONDON — a brand that provides tools and accessories to empower individuals in their pursuit of their dream life.


At CG OF LONDON, we cater to the modern individual striving to balance ambition with everyday demands. Our premium RFID-blocking card holders are meticulously crafted for those navigating the fast-paced urban landscape with elegance and efficiency. We are the only brand in the industry that offers tools with our accessories to help you optimise your potential allowing you to focus on what truly matters—achieving your dream lifestyle.


Our belief is rooted in harnessing the transformative power of personal development principles in tandem with the accessories we offer to help you achieve your dream lifestyle.  Driven by this,  we create products that serve as more than just accessories - they become partners in your journey


Beyond offering exceptional products, our mission is to inspire you to pursue your dreams with conviction and purpose. CG OF LONDON embodies modern achievement, where success is synonymous with your authenticity, style, and peace of mind. We bring you not just a product, but a lifestyle that celebrates progress, protects your journey, and enhances your day-to-day experiences.