In a buzzing London coffee house in 2015, two friends got together to create a brand that would make it easier for people to reach their dreams in unique ways.

“Reflecting on our family's stories, we realised our parents both came from similar backgrounds, coming to London in hopes of chasing their dreams and a mission to give their family a better life.  It became clear that their generation of people lived the ambitious spirit that paved the way for the world we lived in today and also when we realised this is what we want to stand for…”


CG OF LONDON is for the ambitious-minded and busy entrepreneur. We help you to get and stay organised and productive so you can become the high performer that moves the needle on your dreams. 


We believe in the spirit of personal empowerment and determination. Our products are designed with these values in mind to help you stay focused, motivated, and most importantly productive. 


Our mission is to help people chase their dreams and achieve more than they ever thought possible. We want to see people living with purpose, having time for what matters most in life. When it comes to success, it’s all about having an edge and staying organised with the little things. CG OF LONDON is brought to you by entrepreneurs and life coaches with over 28 years in the game combined, to provide a convenient no hassle high performer experience.